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We are a team of researchers, strategists, and designers on a mission to develop products and services that help the built environment make a Just Transition.


OURI - pronounced OO REE - is the Korean word for ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ depending on context. It represents the collective and underpins the way we like to work.

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Option 1
Academic Research

You need: Literature/ scoping/ rapid review and delivery of insights report.


You need: Action research involving stakeholders to understand how to effectively harness next steps for your project (includes Theory of Change/ framework delivery + Report).

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Option 2
Evaluation and

Impact Assessment

You need: An integrated evaluation and/or impact assessment + report that outlines good design practice, context, outputs and impacts with recommendations.

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Option 3

Facilitation, workshops
and engagement

You need: an expert facilitator to enable safe discussion and ensure that we capture the opinions of those in the room.

OURI Associate Collective

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Our associates are a collective or researchers, architects, consultants that have worked closely alongside those with lived experience and communities to improve overall health and wellbeing.


We believe that by bringing our expertise from different areas and sectors this will help us to build a more sustainable future.

We are supported by Considerate Urbanism, Urban Habitats, Quality of Life Foundation.

Book in a call if you would like to work with us.

Michael Chang, Programme Manager, Planning and Health
Office for Health Improvement and Disparities,
Department of Health and Social Car

“OURI’s ethos to focus on activating and connecting those levers operating behind the scenes to identify opportunities for change can be a game changer. I am impressed by Sem’s applied knowledge and ability to deliver. Reimagining an approach that OURI has developed is well-founded in public health and complementary to the healthy places agenda. I am confident that under Sem’s guidance, we will be able to seek the changes we need to socialise health and wellbeing across all policies.

Clients & Collaborators

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